Testing Accommodations for EL Student

Lowell Community Charter Public School

ELE Testing Accommodations for MCAS

Each year the EL school team will review the MCAS Accommodations for EL Students policies and determine which accommodations would be appropriate for particular EL students.  The school team will follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Review of available EL accommodations and accessibility features (see state Accessibility and Accommodations Manual) to ensure a clear understanding of the available accommodations.
    • Paper-based test version (EL1)
    • Approved bilingual word-to-word dictionary (EL2)
    • Text-to-speech for the Math and/or Science tests (EL3.1)
    • Human read-aloud for Math and/or Science tests (EL3.2)
    • Scribe or speech-to-text for Math and/or Science tests (EL 4.1/4.2)
    • Read aloud/repeat/clarify general test directions in English (EL5)
    • Test directions read aloud in student’s native language (EL6)
  2. EL Director will compile a list of EL students per grade level in order to lead a discussion with the team and document decisions made.  Decisions will be made early in the school year in order to allow students to become familiar with the accommodation throughout the year before MCAS testing.
  3. Team meeting will be held with appropriate members including EL Director, ESL grade teacher, homeroom teacher, and SPED teacher to determine appropriate accommodations per student.  Depending on grade level, the student him-or herself will also be involved in the decision making process.  If the EL is a student with a disability, accommodation decisions for EL students with disabilities will also be documented on the student’s IEP or 504 plan.  The team will the following questions to guide their thinking and decision making process:
    • Has a particular feature and/or accommodation been used successfully in the past to assist students in similar situations and at similar English proficiency levels?
    • Does the feature/and or accommodation help the student overcome the barrier posed by his or her developing English language proficiency?
    • Is the student comfortable using the feature or accommodation?
  4. Decisions made per student will be documented on grade level spreadsheet with consensus from team members.  The document will be saved with MCAS files for 3 years.
  5. Parent MCAS Accommodation notification letter (including translated copy if requested) will be mailed home to parents.  A file will be saved in the student’s EL folder.