Typing Pal
LCCPS students use this program to achieve the Massachusetts grade-level keyboarding standards (grade level times 5 words per minute).

Under "Typing Pal Online" click on "For Schools"

Click Log In in top right corner

School name/subscription code: lowellcc

username: Student's first name + first initial of last name


Teach Your Monster to Read (TYMTR) (for K students) Kindergarten students spend part of each computer class playing TYMTR. The game is structured to make phonics fun and accessible. Using the mouse helps develop hand-eye coordination.

ABCya (PreK-5)
This site has a variety of educational and drawing games organized by category (letters, numbers, holiday, strategy and skill).

Ducksters - Educational Site (grades 3-6)
This site offers a wide variety of content such as interactive games, sports, movies, and music.

Infographics (grades 6 - 8)
This site provides several dozen templates that makes it possible for anyone to design their own custom infographic in minutes.

Programming Resources
LCCPS participated in the national Hour of Code week in December sponsored by Programming instruction is primarily focused in the seventh grade. (All grades)
The goal of is to expand access and increase participation in computer science in schools world-wide.

Seventh grade students are learning to program in Python which is an interpreted, high-level programming language.

W3 Schools
Online tutorials for learning a variety of languages and tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, W3 and CSS.

A programming language with a graphical user interface to create interactive stories, games, and animations. There is a very active on-line community of users who share their work.