Dear Parents and Guardians:

Lowell Community Charter Public School now has access to 1:1 Google Apps for Education. We have student, teacher, staff and faculty school Google accounts to allow email, storage of their documents and presentations online, collaborative and project-based curriculum implementation, and much more. As students learn how to use Google Apps, all stored work will be accessible from home, school, and anywhere there is an Internet connection, enabling us to prepare our students for 21st-century teaching and learning and to enable easier access to learning materials when students are not at school.

Google Apps allow students to safely keep online communication and collaboration documents as they relate to school. It is not to be used for personal reasons. The accounts that students are given will be theirs to use for as long as they are attending Lowell Community Charter Public School. We are excited to teach students how to use these valuable tools so they will be better prepared for middle school and high school.


Parents can view all of their children's data, discipline, attendance, grades, progress, homework, tests and scores.


Website Link:

Link for Apple device: ParentPlus Apple App

Link for Android device: ParentPlus Android App


Technology at LCCPS:

The LCCPS classrooms, computer labs and library are equipped with:

  • K1-3rd has at least six ipads each classrom
  • 3rd - 8th (1:1 Chromebooks with mobile charging cart and google cloud printer)
  • 7th - 8th (1:1 Kindle paper white and Kindle fire hd 6)
  • 3- Computer labs with 27 computers and network printer
  • Library- surpass database and 27 media laptops
  • Mimio boxlight
  • Ipevo Ziggy HD-plus document camera
  • Epson Powerlite and Brightlink projectors