In the last ten years, LCCPS has made many technological improvements. Before that time, our school possessed one or two computer labs and a cart of iPods. Today, each of the students in grades 3 though 8 are provided with a Chromebook. In grades 7th and 8th with Kindle Paper white or Kindle fire. LCCPS has three computer labs and iPad centers for grades K1-3.

Technology is a tool that increases productivity, helps students take ownership of their learning, and if used correctly can make things simpler. The one thing it can’t do (yet!) is lead. The Chromebook has become a terrific tool for learning but still requires great teachers and parents to guide our students forward.

With any tool we need to use it responsibly. Please remember to:

  • Keep your personal information safe (especially login information)
  • Report cyber bullying
  • Be respectful in posting, comments etc
  • Remember to adhere to the Lowell Community Charter Public School User Agreement

We have recently taken the following three technological initiatives:

  1. One-to-one Chromebooks for grades 3 though 8. Each grade level between 3rd and 8th have a one-to-one student:Chromebook ratio.
  2.  One-to-one Kindles for grades 7th and 8th
  3. We are also in the process of moving to a more paperless system. Changes like these are usually hard to make. To change the way you have done something for years does not come easy. But we are making progress. An example of this initiative includes our lunch menus (Nutrition at LCCPS) which can now be found on the website instead of making hundreds of paper copies each month. We have also been using e-mail a lot more to communicate with parents. Moreover, parents can now view grades online with the Parent Portal (Plus Portal Link). Further, the 8th grade has taken the initiative to be completely paperless (congratulations 8th grade team!). 

There has been much progress made in the area of technology. However, we continue to have a lot of work ahead.