Student Support Pamphlet

Reading Intervention Services:

            At LCCPS, we strive to provide excellent classroom instruction in literacy for every student.  At times, some students need extra support, beyond what is provided by their classroom teacher.  The reading intervention teachers at LCCPS provide additional reading instruction, or intervention, that is tailored to meet the individual needs of our struggling readers.  Under the direction of the Achievement Specialist, we select students whose assessment scores indicate that they have a weakness in reading and provide intervention lessons to those students.  Intervention is provided in small groups, so that students receive the most teacher interaction possible, and in a space that allows for limited distractions, repeated review, frequent assessment, and slower pacing.

English Language Learners:

At LCCPS, it is our goal is to provide students with limited English proficiency a program of study that is inclusive and that honors the various language and cultural representatives found within our student population.

 We believe in an inclusionary instructional program model whereby English Language Learners are placed in classes with their native English-speaking peers. When English Language Learners are placed in these classes, they receive in-class support from an ELL teacher as needed.  For students who require additional support, they will receive ELL instruction in small groups outside of the classroom 2-3 times a week.

 Our aspiration is for students to develop the linguistic, cognitive and intellectual skills necessary to be successful at LCCPS and beyond. To this end, we have created practices by which students and their families are welcomed into our school community and are supported to become active members of it.