Special Education & Student Support Services

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Kimberly Woodford, Director of Student Support Services

Phone - 978-323-0800 x. 121/ Email – kwoodford@lccps.org 

Jackie Wangutusi, Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services

Phone - 978-323-0800 x. 122/ Email- jwangutusi@lccps.org

The following underlying assumptions guide the organization and provision of special education at LCCPS.

Special education is a service that should be brought to the students in the typical environments in which they would be educated if they did not have a disability.

Students with disabilities should have exposure to the rich curricular, instructional and social opportunities of the general education system.

Students with disabilities should be held to the rigorous academic standards.

Accountability for meaningful progress is a commitment that our staff take seriously.

Families are essential partners in making educational decisions for students.

Special Education:

Lowell Community Charter Public School (LCCPS) Special Education programs are committed to the educational success of students who have disabilities. We are fortunate to have on staff a licensed Psychologist, full time counseling staff, Speech and Language Pathologists, an Occupational and Physical Therapist in addition to Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals. The Department also uses a variety of consultants when necessary:  Board Certified Behavioral Analyst,  Assistive Technology Consultant, and a Social Learning Consultant.