English Language Learners


English Language Learners (ELL)


Our goal at LCCPS is to provide English Language Learner (ELLs) students whose first language is not English, with a program of study that is inclusive and honors the various language and cultural representatives found within our student population. 

Students that are identified as English Language Learners are assigned to one of five ESL levels (1-Beginner, 2-Advanced Beginner, 3-Early Intermediate, 4-Intermediate or 5-Transitioning/Fluent).  Then ESL, elementary grade level and/or secondary subject matter teachers work closely together to ensure the best comprehensive instructional program for each individual student.

Students are provided with a program of study in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Sheltered Content Instruction (specialized instruction for ELL students to make content easier for students to understand) that addresses their particular English learning needs.   Students progress from one ESL level to the next as they acquire more proficiency in English.  Progress is determined through the use of various local and state assessments. 

Students are provided with instruction in ESL until they are proficient in English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, at which time they are transitioned to the same classes that their native-English speaking peers are in.  Their progress in the mainstream classroom is then monitored for two years to ensure a smooth, successful transition.  If the student is consistently successful in the mainstream classroom for two years, monitoring is no longer necessary.  If the student is struggling with the work in the mainstream classroom, ESL instruction will be provided again.

As part of our mission at LCCPS, we strongly value cultural differences and see all students’ cultures and languages as a very important asset to our school community.