Our ELL program is centered on the belief that our students bring rich backgrounds and experiences to the classroom and that our ELL students can be and will become proficient in English.  Oral language development and academic language is the collaborative responsibility of all staff.  The school believes in providing a strong curricular program that drives content in addition to the acquisition of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  Language objectives are an important part of our curricular design and “I can” statements are used with students on a daily basis to drive the objectives and standards.  ELL teachers tailor their instruction to meet the needs of their students, bolstering their strengths and working to remediate their challenges.  Our cultural celebrations and events, held frequently throughout the year, stand as evidence of the importance we place on our students’ heritage and cultures.  We have worked hard to build a culturally responsive curriculum in which students are exposed to foundational content using literature and text that reflects the cultures they represent.  We have built a Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) program that is built upon the following tenets:

  • The language of instruction is English. Translation is available as needed but all core instruction is delivered solely in English.
  • The program offers ELs grade-level content taught by SEI-endorsed core academic teachers using SEI knowledge and strategies to support access to the academic content and promote the development of academic English in all domains. SEI coursework is a priority at LCCPS and over 95% of the core academic teaching staff have their SEI endorsement or ELL licensure.
  • The program has qualified personnel and resources.  All ESL teachers are certified and licensed.  The program has a strong foundation of resources available and there is a curriculum room for shared teacher resource in addition to the ESL specific resources.
  • The program is designed and implemented in such a way as to ensure that students can be placed appropriately, based on language proficiency, in order to effectively attain English proficiency in a timely manner.  The school uses data to place students appropriately and ensure they are receiving the right level of support.
  • The program targets:
    • providing developmentally appropriate English language instruction tailored for students’ level of English proficiency;
    • providing effective content instruction while developing English language proficiency;
    • developing and maintaining a positive attitude toward the native culture and that of the majority group.

The focus of instruction in the ESL class is at the same level of rigor as the general education program.  Our teachers pride themselves on balancing rigor and compassion; driving high standards while recognizing the individual needs of the students.  Our ESL teachers provide progress reports, based on core skills, for those