Curriculum Overview

LCCPS is creating and developing an academic program that is designed to address the needs of our diverse student population and reach our goal of consistent high performance.  Our plan is to continue to create a strong core for the teaching of basic skills as well as developing higher level critical thinking, problem solving skills and intellectual curiosity. We are continuing our work of building units that drive a mission of social justice and cultural competence and are reflective of the backgrounds and experiences of our students.

Our classrooms are rich and vibrant with updated evidence of learning on the walls.  In our primary school, there are various areas for learning including center work, small group instruction and whole group instruction.  In the intermediate grades, our room spaces are designed to facilitate both whole group and small group instruction. Desks and tables are grouped for cooperative learning and students are familiar with both classbuilding and teambuilding exercises. Materials are organized and labeled and student materials are easily accessible to all classroom members.  Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures play an important role in the classroom and rooms are organized and designed around facilitating cooperative learning.

Teachers build inviting classroom libraries with books from various genres.  These libraries are leveled using Fountas and Pinnell in order to facilitate independent reading at the appropriate independent level.  In the upper grades, libraries are arranged by genre or author.   Responsive Classroom, including Morning Meeting, plays a pivotal role in the school’s morning routine in conjunction with Leader in Me.  The rug serves as a meeting space for the morning as well as other times during the day.  Classroom space is individually designed by each teacher and we take pride in the diversity of our classrooms and spaces.  However, in each classroom the daily schedule and homework is posted in addition to the lesson objectives written in student friendly “I can” statements.

Technology plays an important role within the classroom and all classrooms are equipped with a LCD projector and interactive whiteboard MIMEO.  IPADS are used for small group work in grades K-3 and Chromebooks are an integral part of the daily work in grades 2-8 in conjuction with Google Classroom.