Assessment Overview LCCPS

Assessment Overview LCCPS

LCCPS is dedicated to a robust assessment system with an organized Assessment Calendar, detailing the assessment schedule for the year.  All assessments are Common Core aligned and teachers use the data for item analysis work and to drive classroom instruction.  Data meetings are held regularly during curriculum meetings and afterschool workshops in which individual students are discussed as well as grade level trends and areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Trimester benchmark data is closely reviewed not only by the teaching staff but the Academic Leadership team.  Assessment information is an integral component of our report card system and regular and systematic progress monitoring drives our intervention system.

Assessment Purpose


Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

  • Early Literacy Skills that predict reading failure
  • Initial Sounds Fluency
  • Letter Naming
  • Phoneme Segmentation
  • Nonsense Words
  • Oral Language Fluency
Dolch Words
  • List of 220 words that speeds the development of reading fluency
  • Most words are not decodable
  • Reported as % mastery by student
Benchmark Assessment System
  • Running record taken of individual student reading to look for error patterns and establish reading level
  • Given four times a year formally
  • Common core aligned benchmark tasks taken on the computer in reading and math
  • Completed 3 times a year

Math Fact Fluency

(20 facts per minute)
  • Assessment of basic fact knowledge
  • Addition/Subtraction -2nd grade
  • All facts – 3rd grade +
Literacy Performance Tasks
  • Aligned to the CCSS
  • Part of each thematic unit
  • Common rubrics
Writing Performance Tasks
  • Aligned to the CCSS – all 3 genres
  • Involves writing process
  • Common rubrics and approach
Additional Assessments
  • Unit tests/quizzes/prompts
  • Open responses
  • Projects
  • Quick Phonics Screener
  • Share It Phonemic Awareness Screener