LCCPS Mission Statement

Lowell Community Charter Public School exists to graduate creative, confident and independent thinkers, global citizens and leaders who give back to their community. We will provide a comprehensive education giving students the knowledge, skills and ways of thinking that ensure their success in high school and preparation for the opportunity to go on to college. We expect our students to strive for excellence in academic achievement and personal conduct within a joyful, supportive culture. The diversity within our students, staff, families and community and the many nations from which we come is a source of strength and an opportunity for learning.

History of LCCPS

Our School

The Lowell Community Charter Public School is a charter public school serving students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. LCCPS was established under a Commonwealth Charter in September 2000. We welcome any child in Massachusetts although preference is given to Lowell residents. New students are admitted through a public lottery process.

In 1999, Lowell, MA was a different place. Gang violence was rising. Parents feared for their children's safety on the sidewalks and in Lowell schools. A group of Lowell parents, mostly immigrants, came together with a vision of creating a safe place for children from different cultures. The mission was "learning together to live together." The vision became a reality and the Lowell Community Charter Public School was born. In January 1999, the Massachusetts Department of Education awarded the newly created Board of Trustees of the Lowell Community Charter Public School with a “Commonwealth” model Charter and the school opened in 2000 at 206 Jackson Street in Lowell, Massachusetts.

LCCPS' Guiding Beliefs

We believe in:

  1. High Expectations: All children are unique and can learn at high levels when their talents are recognized, supported, and challenged.

  2. Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Our students are engaged in a rigorous curriculum and meaningful learning.

  3. Nurturing: Our school must be a safe and nurturing environment for all members of the school community.

  4. Accountability: The school and the students share responsibility for students’ learning and conduct.

  5. Partnerships: Parents are their children’s first teacher and know their children best. The home, LCCPS, and community work together as partners to ensure the education of all children.

  6. Cultural Proficiency: Integrity, respect, cooperation, and appreciation of diversity are essential to a healthy LCCPS community.

  7. Balance: Academics, the arts, technology, athletics, and wellness are all important ingredients of a well-rounded LCCPS education.

  8. Contribution: Our school will prepare students to be life-long learners, creative thinkers, and contributing participants in a multicultural world.


LCCPS Statement of Diversity

At LCCPS diversity is valued in everything we do. As a teaching and learning community, our diversity is our strength. We believe in excellence and that by embracing our diversity, we enhance the high quality education we provide to every LCCPS student.

Our vision of diversity is founded upon the following values:

  • Cultural competency, or the understanding and respecting of others’ cultures, is critical in order to attain academic excellence for all students

  • A diverse community of students, parents, and staff is an asset to and a strength of LCCPS

  • Diversity includes individual differences (i.e. personality, learning styles, and life experiences) and group/social differences (i.e. race/ethnicity, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, country of origin, and ability as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations)

  • A diverse community promotes creativity, and fosters new ideas and ways of looking at the world

  • Diversity is essential for success in the workplace

  • Bilingualism and multilingualism are assets

Diversity in Operation

Embracing diversity can only occur if it is present in the everyday life of a school, and at all levels. At LCCPS, we commit to the following practices that embody our belief that diversity is one of our greatest assets:

  • Students learn about diversity and diverse cultures, not solely through events but also through having diversity embedded across the curriculum and disciplines

  • Diversity of thought is promoted through debate, discussion, and dialogue. Commonalities and differences are intentionally and openly discussed

  • School leaders, faculty and trustees engage in developing their cultural competency as part of their regular practice

  • The school community is ever mindful of using language that is inclusive, and that does not intentionally or unintentionally demean another’s identity

  • The school’s entrance, hallways, classrooms, and gathering spaces reflect the diversity of enrolled students and the school community

  • The professional faculty and staff and the board of trustees represent the diversity present among students, parents, caregivers, and the community