Our Vision for Teaching


Vision for Lowell Community Charter Public School:


LCCPS will become and be known as a school that is academically rigorous; with high performing students and a faculty that is able to meet the needs of each individual child – whether a new immigrant child, gifted child, child with special needs, a child with a physical disability, an English Language Learner, an emotionally needy child or just quirky- in a way that creates a healthy community and children with healthy self confidence. We will be  a school where self-esteem is built on achievement and self-control, including taking responsibility for one’s own choices. We will create an inventive and joyful environment, where learning is valued.  

LCCPS will be known as a high performing school for ELL learners and other underserved populations, performing above the state averages and 75% of our students will be proficient by the end of grade 8.  Students will become proficient in the English language, reading, writing, listening and speaking. We will offer a math curriculum that prepares students for Algebra by grade 8. We will continue to provide arts education, a culturally responsive curriculum and enrichment activities that expand the vision and experience of our diverse, urban learners both in school and in our afterschool program. We will fight the digital divide with the integration of instruction and technology into the curriculum and increased access to technology in afterschool.  

LCCPS will partner with our families to build a strong community that advocates for our students and shares a common value around the importance of education. We will seek to provide services that improve the lives of our students and families. LCCPS will create bonds and connections for our students with significant adult models, who will encourage, challenge and hold the vision of achievement for our students, academically, athletically, emotionally and socially. We will be the voice in their heads, saying you can do it, there is no “can’t” at LCCPS. We believe in you, we care about you, you will not be allowed to fail here. 

We have high expectations for our students and our staff. Below are our expectations and requirements: 


  • Master's Degree in education preferred; Bachelor's Degree a must. 
  • Background, knowledge and experience in a school setting
  • Demonstrated excellence in academic and/or work history
  • Teacher must have current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education certification(s)
  • Bilingual skills a plus
Successful candidates will:
  • Be inspired by the mission of LCCPS and passionate about closing the achievement gap
  • Desire to work in a school where mentorship and professional development are valued
  • Develop character, knowledge and skills for our students
  • Set high expectations for all students and do whatever it takes--every day--for the students to be successful
  • Form strong relationships with students and families
  • Think creatively 
  • Be flexible, sensitive, curious, confident and evolving
  • Emphasize the joy in learning and in life
  • Enjoy working with diverse cultures and be culturally responsive
  • Use data to drive instruction
  • Be a collaborative team player