Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                                                                                                                     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
(updated 09/20/2019)

 General Questions

 Where is LCCPS?

LCCPS is located in the historic Appleton Mills at 206 Jackson Street. Our location is accessible by car and by public transport. Parking is available in the Early Garage, which is down the street.

 Is there a cost to apply or attend LCCPS?

No. LCCPS is a public school and therefore free to residents of Massachusetts.

 Can I get a tour of school?

Yes. Tours are offered by appointment. Please call 978-323-0800 to inquire.

 Do you offer information sessions?

Yes, we run several information sessions for prospective families every winter. Please see our website for a published schedule.



 Who can attend LCCPS?

Anyone who is a Massachusetts resident is eligible to attend.

 Is there an entrance exam?

No. Students are not required to take a test or submit any test scores or grades when they apply. After admission, students may be tested in order to determine where they should be placed or what services they require, but this will not affect their admission status.

 What is the age requirement for the Kindergarten programs?

We have a K1 program for 4 year olds as well as a KII program for 5 year olds at LCCPS. Both kindergarten programs are full-day and follow the LCCPS school calendar.

 Kindergarten (KII) Student Criteria:

An applicant must turn 5 years old by September 1st of the school year in order to be eligible to apply for this program. This program requires that a birth certificate be provided with the application.

 Kindergarten One (K1) Student Criteria:

An applicant must turn 4 years old by September 1st of the school year in order to be eligible to apply for this program. This program requires that a birth certificate be provided with the application.

 My child’s birthday is September 2. She will be turning 4. She is very smart and mature.  Can I apply for the K1 program for her this year?

No. Your child must turn 4 on or before September 1. We can not make any exceptions. Children applying for Kindergarten II must be 5 on or before September 1. You will be asked to provide a birth certificate when applying for the K1 and KII programs.


Applying to LCCPS

 What information do you require in order to apply to LCCPS?

In order to be included in the lottery process, applications must be fully completed. A complete application will include the following:

  • LCCPS application form
  • Proofs (two) of residency except in the case of homeless status students, who are exempt from these requirements.*
  • Proof of sibling status, if relevant
  • Kindergarten I and Kindergarten II eligibility requires a birth certificate or other government-issued proof of age, such as a passport, I-94, etc.

 *LCCPS requires two proofs of address for each application and the following documents may be used to prove residency.

  • A parent/guardian’s valid MA driver license
  • A utility bill (not water or cell phone) dated within the past 60 days. I.E electricity, heating or cable bill.
  • A deed, mortgage payment dated within the past 60 days, or property tax bill dated within the last year
  • A current lease, Section 8 agreement, or landlord affidavit
  • A W2 form dated within the year or a payroll stub dated within the past 60 days 
  • A bank or credit card statement dated within the past 60 days
  • A letter from an approved government agency dated within the past 60 days
    • Approved government agencies: Departments of Revenue (DOR), Children and Family Services (DCF), Transitional Assistance (DTA), Youth Services (DYS), Social Security, any communications on Commonwealth of Massachusetts Letterhead.


Where can I get an application?

We recommend using our website ( to apply online. If you prefer to use a paper application, you may download one from our website or stop by the school at 206 Jackson Street, Lowell, MA to pick one up.


When I apply, can my child get in right away?

No. You must fully complete your application, and then it will be entered in to the lottery process. The lottery is held in March of each year and produces the acceptances and waitlist for the upcoming school year. The only way to gain admission is through this process.

 I forgot to submit some of my documents. Can my child still be entered in the lottery?

No. You must fully complete your application by the deadline or your application can not be entered in the lottery.


Residency Preference

 What happens if my child wins a seat in the lottery with residency preference and we move out of Lowell before school starts?  Am I able to keep the seat?

Yes, as long as your child is still a resident of Massachusetts, they may attend LCCPS. If you move out of state, your child is no longer eligible to attend.


Sibling Preference

 My daughter attends LCCPS. My sister lives with me.  Can her children have sibling preference?

No, the children are cousins, not siblings.

My ex-husband is remarried and has a child that is a half brother to my child, who attends LCCPS.  Does his child get sibling preference?

Yes, the child has a common biological parent.  In this case, the father is the relation that makes these children siblings.

 My son attends LCCPS. I am a foster parent. Can my foster children have sibling preference?

No, they are not your biological children and you have not adopted them. The children are not siblings.

 I am my nephew’s legal guardian.  I have the court papers documenting this.  My daughter is currently enrolled at LCCPS.  Can my nephew have sibling preference?

Yes. You will be asked to bring in the documents from the court assigning guardianship to you.  As long as you are able to do this, your nephew can have sibling preference.


Lottery and Waitlist

 Do I need to attend the lottery? Will it affect my child’s chances?

No. The lottery is open to the public and you are welcome to attend, but it is not required and will not affect your child’s application.

If I am offered a seat and turn it down, can I change my mind?

No, when you refuse a seat, we offer the seat to another child and it is no longer available to you.

 What happens if my child is placed on the waitlist?

We maintain a waitlist so that, if a space becomes available, we can enroll interested students. If a space becomes available, we contact the first student on the waitlist for the appropriate grade. If they accept the slot in a timely manner (as defined in our Enrollment Policy), the slot is given to that student. If we cannot reach that person or they decline, we move to the next student on the list until the space is filled.

 I moved and have a new number. I did not provide it to the school. My child was first on the waitlist, but I didn’t receive a call when a spot came up. Can I enroll my child?

No. If you did not give your new contact information to LCCPS, you have forfeited the spot. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide accurate contact information to the school. LCCPS will make every reasonable effort to contact you if your child’s name comes up on the waitlist, but if we cannot get in touch with you, we have to move on to the next person on the list.


Enrolling at LCCPS

 My child requires an “emergency” transfer out of his current school.  Can he enroll into LCCPS immediately?  I can have the state rep or my doctor call.

No. All children enrolled into LCCPS either win seats at the annual lottery or they are taken from the waitlist. There is no way to skip these steps.

 What information do you require before a student is allowed to start classes at LCCPS?

We verify all information that is on each application.  We require birth certificates to prove sibling preference, residency and age. Should any of this information be false, the student will lose the seat.  All required information must be submitted prior to attendance.

 I received an offer of admission, but I will be out of the country with my family for the entire month of September. Can my child keep their spot and start in October?

No. Your child must begin attending LCCPS in accordance with our attendance policy in order to retain your spot.


Life at LCCPS

 Is there transportation for students?

Yes. Lowell residents in grades K II- 4 who live more than .75 miles from the school and those in grades 5-8 who live more than 1.50 miles from the school are provided with transportation to and from school. They take buses provided by Lowell Public Schools. No transportation will be provided for the K1 program.

What is the school calendar?

LCCPS has a 185 day school year. The school calendar is published on the school’s website ( and is available in the spring before the school year. The school day begins at 7:50 AM (doors open at 6:30 AM for morning Extended Day program and regular arrival begins at 7:30 AM) and ends at 3:30 PM. The afternoon Extended Day Program through the Community Teamwork Inc. (CTI) begins at 3:30 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. On early release days, there is an afternoon Extended Day program. Please note that students MUST be enrolled in the Extended Day program if they arrive before 7:30 AM or remain in school (except for special activities) after 3:30 PM. The Extended Day program charges a fee.

Does LCCPS have a dress code?

All LCCPS students must wear a white, maroon, or navy polo shirt with khaki or navy pants and skirts/jumper for girls. Colors change according to grade.  Please see our Uniform Policy for further clarification. Uniforms can be purchased through the school’s website.

How big are classes?

Class sizes typically range from 20 to 25 students. Some classes are co-taught (there is more than one teacher). The teacher to student ratio is approximately one to 13.

 Does LCCPS have an athletic program?

Yes. LCCPS students in grades 5 to 8 are eligible to try out for our competitive athletic teams. In the fall, we offer JV and Varsity Cross Country (Boys and Girls teams), Co-Ed JV and Varsity Volleyball, and JV and Varsity Soccer (Boys and Girls teams). In the winter, students can try out for JV or Varsity Basketball (Boys and Girls teams) and Cheerleading (Co-Ed – 4th grade students are also eligible). In the spring, we offer JV & Varsity Track and Field (Boys and Girls teams). LCCPS competes in the Ecumenical Athletic Association and, where relevant, sends students to regional and national competitions.

 Do you have an Afterschool Program?

Yes. CTI runs an Extended Day Program for both morning and afternoons. Students may arrive for the morning program as early as 6:30 AM and stay for the afterschool program as late as 6 PM. The afterschool program includes homework help as well as structured activities and clubs.

 Do you have special classes?

Yes. In addition to core classes, LCCPS offers World Culture, Physical Education, Art, Computer, Media and Music. Outside of school time, we offer enrichment programs in music and dance as well.

Do you offer anything for advanced students such as a gifted program?

Yes. The ALPS Program (Advanced Learner Program Services) is designed for students in grades 2-8 that require a more challenging and flexible curriculum that meets their needs as "out-of-the-box" thinkers.   Going beyond the traditional gifted education program, we have flexible identification measures that allow for a more diverse identification of students. Students, depending on the grade level, are involved in extension projects such as robotics or scaling, math and reading classes with an ALPS teacher co-teaching, or  ALPS Reading and  Math classes that meet daily for advanced reading and mathematics work.